Owners name:

Mike Robertson

Tractor, make/model/year?

Ferguson TED Tractor 1951

How long have you had the tractor?

Five years from starting the build.

If restored, have you restored it yourself?

Yes I built and restored it myself.

Where did you get it?  

I had many parts already. I got the engine from ebay, and the bonnet came home on a bus trip from Newark Tractor Show. It was build up with various parts brought together from all over the UK.

How long has it taken to restore the tractor?

It took me 18-months from start to finish.

What was the biggest challenge you had with your tractor?

Converting the car/engine.

What is unique or special about your machine?

I have not seen another one like it, and like many conversions a lot look unfinished and no resemblance to the original tractor.

I wanted it to look like the original tractor but have this big engine in it. I have also road registered it and it can be used on the main roads as well, during testing with a sat nav device it reached 60mph, not something I would like to do again.

Do you go to many shows/tallies or on-road runs throughout the year?

I have attended many shows with the tractor – Angus Show, Fettercairn Show, Farming Yesteryear at Scone Palace, Glamis Extravaganza and Deeside Steam Rally at Crathes to name but a few.

What prizes have you won or best achievement with tractor?

I haven’t won any prizes with the tractor as there is no classes for this type of tractor, but one reason I like this tractor is that it will never win a prize, but people just enjoy looking and listening to it, I wish I had 10 pence for every picture taken of it.

Would you ever sell it? If not, why not?

No, because it’s unique and I built it myself.

Dream tractor – If you could have a tractor from any era?

I would like a Ferguson Brown as this was the first Ferguson tractor mass produced.

I would really like to build a P6 Ferguson tractor and a four-wheel drive Ferguson tractor with four wheels the same size.