Letter to Jane Craigie, age 16.

You’re a young woman full of insecurities and uncertainties about you place in the world. Yet, you have so much to draw on that makes you different and that will enrich your life.

Use your background to give you strength, don’t fight so hard trying to be the same as others. You’re not.

Having been brought up in India, Cyprus and Turkey, you have an understanding of culture, food and travel that enables you to understand why people behave and believe as they do – and to appreciate the struggles that countries and their people face.

As you build your career in international communications and leadership, within a sector you weren’t born to, you’ll repeatedly draw on the objectivity this upbringing has given you.

At 16, you’re have just started working with horses and on farms. You’re fascinated by farming and the land. Spend your time working on as many different farms as you can and ask lots of questions, feed your fascination about how farming fits into the landscape, nature and the climate.

Continue to dare to think differently about what farming and being a farmer could be in the future. Yes, people think some of your ideas are crazy, I’m telling you now, they’re not; farmers and land managers should be thinking boldly.

Be brave and enjoy the moment. Don’t let your fears become insecurities, because they will hold you back.

Feed your creativity by trying new things, meeting new people and travelling. Please shake that feeling that you need to conform. Your career will depend on you having this skill to think and do different. To challenge the status quo.

Listen to your critics, but don’t let them stop you from doing what you believe is right. You naturally embrace change and recognise that it often brings good things, even if it’s not the change that you wanted.

And one last word of advice. Be yourself. There is only one of you in the world.