Investing in wedding jewellery, whether it is the timeless wedding band, or a stunning pendant that a bride would be proud to wear, you want to be assured that you have bought the best quality available and that it will last as long as your memories of the day will.

Jo-Ann Kinnear has been in the jewellery business for 25 years, and took the plunge to open her own business in June 2018. Her shop, Fennes Jewellery in Glenrothes, in Fife, stocks some of the most sought after designers in the UK, as well as more locally made jewellery, some from as nearby as Glasgow and Loch Lomond.

Jo-Ann says her mission is to assist her customers in making the right choice. She stocks a huge selection of wedding bands, and says she is quite sure that most people can find something that they will love among the selection. She adds: “Diamond set wedding bands are quite popular at the moment, but I try to remind customers that you are likely to wear your wedding band every day in life, and to buy something that won’t catch, or go out of fashion too quickly. The classic plain wedding band has never gone out of fashion.”

She goes on: “I see that designer Ania Haie is producing more delicate necklaces, combining the layered look of yellow, rose and silver, which are very popular combination at the moment.”

Platinum and silver have been the dominant style of late, but Jo-Ann can see that the classic gold options are creeping back into popularity. “That’s my prediction,” she laughs.

Fennes also offers an excellent bespoke jewellery service, where Jo-Ann can design a piece with the customers input and have it made. Also, she offers a service of taking stones from older pieces of jewellery that maybe are no longer worn and having it reset into something more current. Just ask, she’s sure she can come up with a solution.

One of her favourite things is tracking down a piece that a customer has seen on someone on TV or in a magazine. The hunt is on to find that exact piece or something as closely matching as possible, that’s the fun part, finding it for the customer. And, of course, if it has to be that exact one and they can’t find it, Jo-Ann can have it made.

Also in stock is a wonderful range of children’s products, called Little Star. It has lots of pieces for both girls and boys, pretty lockets that will last, and for the boys, leather bracelets the same as dads.

Above all, Jo-Ann wants to offer her customers an excellent customer service, she says that if they ever have any issues with their purchases then she is more than happy to sort out any problems as soon as possible.

Visit the shop to see the full range at Eastfield Business Park at Glenrothes.