In the run up to Christmas we will be reproducing a few stories from Andrew Arbuckle's book, Farming is Still a Funny Business, which is raising money for our own farming charity, RSABI, which helps rural people in need.

The book is now available to order now from RSABI’s online shop – – or by calling 0131 364 4205.

From John Ross, former NFUS president:

It was Newton Stewart Blackface tup sale day. We picked up our elderly shepherd and took him to the sale. This was the highlight of his year and he was a bit rushed and excited.

He explained to us that he had recently acquired a new set of dentures and to put it mildly, he informed us in no uncertain terms that they were more than a trifle uncomfortable.

After a few drams, his views on the dentist's professional abilities became more vocal and less diplomatic. We eventually got him back home, whereupon his wife greeted him at the door with the words: “Wullie, whit hae ye din wi ma teeth?”