In the run up to Christmas we will be reproducing a few stories from Andrew Arbuckle's book, Farming is Still a Funny Business, which is raising money for our own farming charity, RSABI, which helps rural people in need.

The book is now available to order now from RSABI’s online shop – – or by calling 0131 364 4205.

From Anon:

The Royal Highland Educational Trust do a great job in educating young people about farming. One day after a primary class had visited a farm, the teacher asked the pupils what noises they had heard.

Immediately hands shot up and little people were making mooing noises while others were going baaa for all they were worth.

However, the teacher noticed one small boy was not taking part.

“Tommy,” she said, “what noises did you hear?”

The little boy replied he had heard the farmer shout at him: “Get aff that ******* tractor.”