Can anyone help identify the subject matter and the place that this painting might be depicting?

Joe Gibbs, of Phoineas House, Belladrum Estate, near Beauly, asked of us: "This painting of a 19th century cattle tryst came from the Glasgow area and is possibly by Samuel Bough (1822-1878).

"It is said to have been an event at what is now the Drover’s Inn, at Inverarnan near Loch Lomond, still showing the 1705 chimneys. If this is so, the inn looks very different from the current building there, though it is quite possible that it could have been reduced in size.

"There is an indecipherable sign on the building, possibly ending in ‘Hotel’. Various characters are wearing checks and have plaids over their shoulders. The hills look West Coast but could also be elsewhere. I write in hope that a reader may have some historical knowledge bearing on this."

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