A new business has been launched that gives farmers and landowners the opportunity to diversify their income into camping – but without the hassle or initial investment of a conventional campsite.

Young couple, Tom and Rozzi O'Hare – who own a 4x4 vehicle with a roof top tent – realised that there was a gap in the market during their own pursuit to find wild locations to camp. This led them to launch Off Grid Camp to link 4x4 capable overlanders looking for somewhere wilder to camp, with farmers and landowners willing to share the more remote corners of their land for a small fee.

Tom’s family run a hill farm on Exmoor and Rozzi is a trained agronomist, so they have set up the business with a strong understanding and respect for the farming community.

The UK camping industry has boomed in recent years as many people have discovered the joys of the great British countryside. However, long lines of tents, campervans and busy toilet blocks are not what everyone is looking for.

Taking campers 'Off Grid' differs from conventional campsite businesses because it specifically caters for 4x4 capable campers who sign a pledge when they become a member agreeing to be fully self-sufficient and leave no trace. This means they do not expect to find toilets, bins, electricity or even water. They simply want to find somewhere wild (and preferably flat!) to camp.

Camp members pay a £25 annual fee to gain access to the live online directory of approved locations and it is free to list a location on Off Grid Camp and bookings and payments are made directly to landowners without any commission. These are likely to be in the region of £20 per car, or can be on a per head basis.

Landowners are free to set their own pricing and accept members to stay on their terms. This includes choosing where they want the 4x4 capable members to set up camp, giving full flexibility to adapt around farming activities.

Launched last year, the business now has a network of more than 50 locations across the UK and sheep farmer, Richard O’Hare – who has listed his location on Off Grid Camp said: “I’d highly recommend farmers becoming Off Grid Camp locations. It’s simple and low hassle, easy to use and great to be able to share your small corner of the great British countryside with those who appreciate it.”

Visit www.offgridcamp.co.uk for more information