CATS AND dogs make fine pets, but they do not contribute to the family larder in the way that a few chickens can – and in these days of rising food prices, keeping a few back garden egg-layers is right back in fashion, to recycle food waste and supplement the shopping basket.

But there's no point trying to be sustainable without keeping an eye on how your chickens will be kept warm and safe. That is where Scottish-founded bird housing specialists Nestera come in, with their new range of chicken coops made from 100% recycled plastic waste.

The largest coop in the range is made from the equivalent of 2000 shampoo bottles. Throughout every stage of manufacturing, all waste is collected and further recycled, making it a near-zero-waste process. But durability is key for true sustainability and Nestera is so confident in the quality of its recycled plastic that its coops are offered with an industry-beating 25-year warranty.

“With Nestera coops, everyone can enjoy the benefits of keeping chickens — whether experienced bird keepers or new to the hobby,” said CEO Richard Freedman. “Our products combine animal welfare with smart design and cutting-edge technology, all made in a way that prioritises sustainability. We’re excited to share the fun of back garden bird-keeping and grow our global community while respecting the planet for future generations.”

With two decades of industry knowledge, Nestera’s team claims to have solved some of the biggest problems faced by chicken owners – its coops are highly resistant to red mite infestation and, unlike traditional wooden coops, are quick and easy to clean, leaving nowhere for red mites to hide.

Chair of the Poultry Club of Great Britain, Lee Grant, said: "We at the PCGB are reassured Nestera offers a robust, red mite resistant coop with a good ventilation system that can be adjusted to suit the number of birds and weather. Easy access makes cleaning much easier, saving chicken keepers a lot of effort to provide a clean environment.”

Nestera’s coops are available with a variety of optional extras to help families stay connected to their flock – including an HD WiFi Coop Camera and accompanying app to keep an eye on your birds while you’re away from home, and an Automatic Door Opener for full automation of opening and closing, so you don’t have to wake up when your chickens do!