THERE should be cause for celebration in everyone’s lives and nothing says “celebrate” more than food, especially at Christmas.

Gary Maclean, who is Scotland’s National Chef and a MasterChef: The Professionals champion, has spent his career promoting Scottish cuisine and culture around the world and in his latest cookbook, Scottish Celebrations, he shares his passion for Scotland’s culinary heritage.

This lovely cookbook captures the essence of the country’s food and culture with recipes for traditional, modern, and timeless dishes that have been part of family celebrations for generations and that reflect the changing nature of Scottish cooking.

From classics such as Scottish Game Pie, Fish Supper, Oatie Scones, and Roast Grouse to the more modern and unexpected including Grilled Langoustine, Lamb and Haggis Wellington, and Winter Plum and Hazelnut Cake, Gary Maclean’s Scottish Celebrations is packed with aspirational ideas for every special occasion, whether you hail from Scotland or not.

The Glasgow-based chef showcases all that Scotland has to offer, with tantalising recipes accompanied by stories behind each celebration, be that Hogmanay, New Year’s Day, Burns Night, Christmas, and more.

Gary Maclean’s Scottish Celebrations: Treasured Traditions and Contemporary Recipes from Scotland is published on November 9, priced at £26.00 (Black & White Publishing).