Jeremy Clarkson’s lager company Hawkstone has been listed as one of the fastest-growing in the UK.

The former Top Gear presenter swapped cars for agriculture when he started filming Clarkson’s Farm at his Oxfordshire farm.

He bought Chadlington’s Diddly Squat Farm in 2008 and the Prime Video documentary which started in 2021 has helped shine a light on the trials and tribulations of British farming.

Amongst the produce made from farm ingredients included Clarkson’s own Hawkstone lager alongside the Hawkstone cider which is made by co-star Kaleb Cooper.

Hawkstone has proved popular since its release and was revealed by The Times as one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies.

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Coming in with a ranking of 24th in the list, Hawkstone has a whopping £7.8 million in its latest sales according to The Times.

The article claims not all is going swimmingly for Clarkson with the farm despite the recent success of the Beveridge.

“Jeremy Clarkson may back Britain’s fastest-growing beer brand, Hawkstone (No 24), but he knows that, like farming, the pub trade that his brewery relies on to distribute its beer is facing difficulties,” reads the article.

The 64-year-old depicts his battle to make ends meet at his 1,000-acre Diddly Squat farm in the Cotswolds in his popular Clarkson’s Farm series on Amazon Prime Video.