Achieving high energy intakes while maintaining excellent rumen health is crucial for early lactation performance, particularly where forage may be in short supply.

Containing the optimum balance of key fatty acids, UFAC Supa-Cream is formulated to help fresh calvers get off to the best possible start.

“Milk production, compositional quality and body condition loss are all a direct consequence of energy supply,” explains national sales manager Mike Chown.

“By containing a finely tuned blend of fatty acids, Supa-Cream helps improve the digestibility of the whole diet and so make more energy available to the cow.

“Key to its effectiveness is the ratio of C16 to C18:1 fatty acids. C18:1 acts as an emulsifier, improving the digestibility of all fats while also enhancing total diet digestibility. When fed at the optimum ratio it improves NDF fermentation in the diet helping make greater use of the energy in forages.”

Mr Chown says that by improving energy utilisation, cows can support higher yields of better quality milk while reducing the mobilisation of body condition which is important for future fertility.

Supa-Cream also contains high levels of EHA and DPA which are proven to have a direct impact on reproduction. To further support milk production, glycerine is included which is a direct precursor of glucose in the liver.

Designed to be fed at 300-750g/day depending on the other ingredients in the diet, Supa-Cream is a free-flowing meal which is easily incorporated in TMR diets.