A NEW range of natural animal health products will be available in Scotland after AHV (International) signing a partnership with start-up business, Agri-Pharma.

The agreement will see the AHV range of solutions sold directly on farm throughout Scotland and this will be coupled with a comprehensive advisory service and guidance.

AHV stands for the Animal Health Vision concept and its range includes complementary animal feeds, developed with quorum sensing science. These focus on the biochemical communication between specific bacteria and support the natural resistance of animals by disrupting the quorum sensing between these bacteria.

Agri-Pharma sales consultants will be trained by AHV veterinarians, researchers and management, and Adam Robinson, managing director of AHV (UK and Ireland), commented: “This development will provide dairy and other livestock farmers throughout Scotland to work with AHV’s concept, knowledge and local expertise.

"With our full-service concept, we are able to optimise animal health, production, longevity and the lifespan of animals and, therefore, improve business results."

Agri-Pharma’s Elspeth Gibson will be working directly with farmers, advising them on how to best utilise the AHV range of products. She commented: “AHV is already helping to transform the way livestock farmers approach the challenge of maximising their animals’ health, production and longevity in countries around Europe, Asia and soon in the US.

“This is new science and I look forward to working with customers across Scotland, exclusively on-farm, in order to make the AHV Solutions range deliver for them,” she added.