An enterprising machinery dealer in north Wales is importing a comprehensive range of livestock feeding and bedding equipment.

PGF Agri, based on Anglesey, is the sole distributor of VDMJ machinery manufactured in Belgium by Vandermeer Johan. The range includes straw processors and blowers, auger feeding buckets, cubicle sweepers and re-bedding machines, and root cleaning and cutting buckets.

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The WSB-140 is the smallest model in the straw processor range, being designed for loaders with a lift capacity of at least a tonne – ideally a bit more – with a low profile intended to help forwards visibility.

It has a hydraulic loading door to secure bales in place as an option and bales are processed by a single horizontal rotor with cutterbar knife sections mounted on spiral flights. There is a fixed discharge chute version with adjustable trajectory but spreading only to the left and a rotating chute version giving greater versatility.

Both come with electro-hydraulic controls for chute adjustment, bed conveyor drive (forward and reverse) and processing rotor drive.

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A further five models, all with fixed or rotating chute, differ mainly in the length of extensions to the core body and therefore the capacity to process different sizes and numbers of round and rectangular bales. All require oil flow of 50- to 100-litre/min to discharge material up to 15m from the fixed chute, 18m from the taller rotating chute.

As an alternative to these loader-mounted machines, the VDMJ TSB260 is trailed or carried on a tractor’s rear three-point linkage, providing capacity for larger and/or heavier bales and more discharge outlet options. A hydraulic loading door is standard on this model, operated either by the standard long lever manual controls or an electro-hydraulic joystick pack.

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VDMJ’s conveyor discharge hopper for dispensing sawdust and other bedding materials on to cow cubicle beds comes in five sizes from 1180 to 2380 litres alongside a poultry house bedding machine in 1500 to 1730-litre capacity.

There is also a straw spreader that can scoop up whole or sections of rectangular bales measuring up to 2500 x 1200 x 900mm and then operate in a vertical position to discharge inside pens and yards from spreading discs. A side delivery belt option discharges straw as bedding or feed through doorways into pens, to cubicles, alongside a feed barrier or into cattle yards when mounted on a loader.