WINNER of the Royal Dairy Innovation Award at Dairy-Tech, was Semex's Immunity+, a patented technology system that enables dairy farmers to select sires that will genetically increase the immune status of their daughters, and thus naturally improve a cows' resistance to infection and disease.

By using this technology in breeding decisions, dairymen constantly improve their cows' health and well-being generation by generation, which reduces antibiotic use.

The product was pitched by Dr Steven Larmer, and selected overall winner by a judging panel comprising of dairy farmer Tim Downes; CIEL’s Lyndsay Chapman and Andrew Harrsion from the RABDF Young Board.

Tim Downes, RABDF council member and head judge said the decision to award Semex as the winner was unanimous.

“It was a well presented and researched innovative new product that all of the judges thought offered dairy farmers advancement in genetic selection for improved health traits.”

Gordon Miller, Semex senior vice president sales and business development, said he was delighted that the game-changing technology of Immunity+, and its outstanding results demonstrated worldwide, have been recognised through the award.

UK sales manager Michael Dennison said: “Immunity+ sires are making up an ever increasing share of sales in the UK, as understanding, belief and confidence in the technology and its benefits become more widespread.”

Miracle-Tech’s thermal imaging CCTV and Lallemand Animal Nutrition’s new silage additive development were the other two finalist products judged at Dairy-Tech.

Dr Steven Larmer, Semex receiving the Royal Dairy Innovation Award from head judge Tim Downes