Rutland Electric Fencing has introduced the UK’s inaugural mobile app-controlled electric fence energiser, the ESD 12000 Smart Energiser. This innovative device empowers users to manage their fences remotely from anywhere worldwide, enabling real-time monitoring and instant notifications of any breaks in the line.

Hugh Burnham, who is Rutland’s product specialist, emphasises the advantages of the Smart Energiser, stating: “Notifications from the Smart Energiser to a user’s mobile device can identify drops in power, battery problems, and device errors. This enables users to act immediately to protect their livestock, which reduces time and any potential losses.”

Setting it apart from alternatives that necessitate separate control boxes or remotes, the Smart Energiser operates via a mobile app.

Burnham explains: “The Smart Energiser has a direct link to the cloud so can be connected using any mobile device.

“Crucially, it does not require a full mobile signal because it can operate using an LTE or NB-IoT connection. This means it is well suited to hill farms and areas that have difficulty with mobile phone signal strength.”

The app continuously collects data, providing a history of connected fences. For farms without access to mains power, the Smart Energiser offers flexibility by running on a 12V battery, with the potential for solar-powered batteries.