The RITCHIE Combi Clamp is designed to make everyday tasks – such as clipping, trimming, worming and dosing – much easier for those sheep producers working alone or looking to reduce handling time and stress.

The Combi Clamp works by the operator stepping onto a pressure plate to hold the sheep firmly between two soft sided panels which can then be locked to enable the handler to work on the front and rear of the animal via the race gate access.

"It's a great tool to help the farmer which takes into account good husbandry methods," comments Andrew King, of Ruddins Farm, who works on his own the majoirty of the time.

"I have some land away from our main farm and so I now take the Combi Clamp to it using the wheel attatchment. Everyday tasks now all take less than half the time and with less stress to the sheep, and myself. The sheep are calm and, being on my own, I sometimes need to nip off but they are happy to stand in the clamp."