SWISS shearing equipment manufacturer, Heiniger, has introduced a comb that promises to reduce the effort required from both the machine and its user.

The new Kombat comb utilises new LG2 (long groove) technology which, Heiniger claims, will reduce the speed in which lanoline grease builds up on the back of the comb. With less grease build up on the comb, the Kombat will allow improved flow over the skin to avoid skin cuts and improve tallies, while placing less stress on equipment.

Heiniger brand manager, Edward Mack, said: "The new Kombat comb and LG2 technology show Heiniger's commitment to product improvement and innovation. The Kombat is a short bevel run-in comb that promises to be a popular addition to the range. You can also see LG2 technology used in the Ninja, B-EVIL, Blizzard, Isobar and Crusader combs this season."