A NEW one-dose vaccine pack for calf pneumonia has been introduced by Zoetis, to reduce waste in unused multi-dose packs.

Each vial of Rispoval IntraNasal is reconstituted by mixing a powder with sterile diluent and once mixed has a shelf life of two hours. This can mean that unused product in multi-dose packs must be thrown away, so by stocking a combination of one and multi-dose packs, farmers can eliminate this.

The vaccine protects against two primary viral causes of pneumonia in young calves, BRSv and Pi3v. Surveillance of blood samples from 2145 calves with pneumonia signs found 78% exposed to BRSv and 81% to Pi3v.

The vaccine can be used from nine days of age, with onset of immunity to BRSv and Pi3v after five and 10 days, respectively. The licence specifies a duration of immunity of 12 weeks.

Zoetis’ vet, Carolyn Hogan, pointed out that viruses are the instigator of a majority of respiratory health problems. “Early-life protection also helps reduce the threat from opportunistic secondary bacterial infections, such as pasteurella,” she says.

“Good respiratory health is essential to ensure calves develop to achieve their lifetime potential. But it’s estimated that 67% of pneumonia cases occur in calves less than three months of age.”