AN EXPANDED range of washable calf coats to suit all sizes and situations, is new from Dairy Spares.

The range now includes two 'Tough Cover' coats, which offer different levels of warmth, with each available in two sizes. The standard calf jackets are lined for warmth and available in 70cm or 80cm lengths, priced at £19.95 plus VAT.

The 'premium' jackets are slightly shorter - 65 and 75cm in length - for a closer fit. They provide more insulation and include fluorescent strips to help aid identification in dark areas. They cost £25 plus VAT each.

Also available is the 'cosy' calf coats, which are 100% waterproof and 70% breathable, but not lined. It provides protection from wind and rain and is ideal for use in mild winter weather. They cost £19.95 plus VAT.

Contact their local stockist or call Dairy Spares on 01948 667676.