TWO NEW silage inoculants from Germany with specific end results have been launched in the UK.
Made by German manufacturer, Schaumann Agri, the first is aimed at reducing the risk from clostridial toxins, such as those found in botulism, which is a growing threat on UK farms.
Bonsilage Forte directly suppresses the growth of clostridia in grass silage and is being launched here by Realistic Agri. It has a DLG certificate in Germany for both improving the ensiling process by accelerating the fall in pH and for reducing levels of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum.
This bacterium is found in soils and can be carried into the clamp during cutting and consolidation operations. If fermentation is poor, the clostridium survives and creates toxins which can lead to animal death (botulism).
It is suitable for treating grass of 22-35% DM and grass/clover mixtures of 25-35% DM.
The other new inoculant can increase the energy content of grass silages. In German trials, in conjunction with the University of Gottingen, treating grass silage with the product, Bonsilage Fit G, decreased levels of residual sugars and tripled the level of propylene glycol in the silage from 13.7g/kg DM to 43.3g/kg DM.
As well as boosting energy content, it confers aerobic stability to silages and is suitable for treating grass and clover mixes from 28-50% DM, though a period of eight weeks is recommended before opening the clamp.
More details from Realistic Agri on 01952 433644 or e-mail