By Moredun Scientific Director, Julie Fitzpatrick

Moredun was set up by Scottish Farmers just over 100 years ago to research and find solutions for diseases of livestock and to communicate new ideas and technologies in a practical manner to help ensure that they were taken up and used by all people that might benefit. Moredun has grown into a world renowned research organisation and it’s unique relationship with farmers has been the core of Moredun’s success. The message we would like to get out to farmers in 2022 is that Moredun is here to provide independent help and advice on a wide range of livestock diseases.

We are actively researching to find new solutions to prevent and control disease helping to increase economic sustainability and improve health and welfare. Our focus for the year ahead is on communication and education and we will be taking our new Moredun Mobile laboratory out and about to many of the remote rural areas of Scotland to speak with farmers about their views on livestock health and welfare and how Moredun’s new technologies may bring benefit. 2022 is the Scottish Year of Stories and we really look forward to hearing stories about the culture, history and heritage of Scotland’s livestock from many of our livestock keepers and the numerous benefits they bring to the people of Scotland.