A HIGH-CLEARANCE 4x4 tractor has been reintroduced to the Landini range to meet the needs of strawberry growers and producers of salad, vegetable and other delicate crops wanting to minimise the potential for contact damage and contamination.

The 'Hi Clear' 5-D tractor has an axle arrangement that permits the use of same-size row crop wheels all round, resulting in a significant increase in underbelly clearance, which at 700mm is even more than the 684mm that the four-wheel drive version musters.

Two extra transmission choices - a 16x16 creep option in place of the standard 12x12 synchro shuttle unit anda 24x12 and 32x16 creep transmission with push-button HiLo powershift - are available too. The 5-D Hi Clear has three power options - 85hp from the 5-090D, 95hp from the 5-100D and 102hp from the 5-110D - and are seen as ideal tractors for Scottish berry and vegetable farms