STOCKMEN looking for a relatively small tractor for loader and light field work have a new option in the smallest editions of the Landini 4 Series.

Powered by a Deutz compact four-cylinder engines with outputs from 64-76hp, they measure just over 2.4m to the top of the cab on 16.9R30 rear tyres. But they will punch above their weight.

"Landini tractors have a justifiable reputation for reliability, durability and ease of use, especially among stockmen with experience of the Powerfarm and other models from the previous generation," says Bob Bain, Landini's area sales manager for Scotland.

"Today's Landini tractors have those same characteristics but with cabs that are a noticeable step up in terms of space, style and equipment."

A new four-pillar cab is the same in the smallest 4 Series tractors as that in more powerful (90-107hp) siblings and also the 85-113hp Landini 5-H series in the next class up.

This means the 4-060 (64hp), 4-070 (69hp), 4-075 (74hp) and 4-080 (76hp) have a more than generous cab for their size, making the tractors easy to get on and off.

The choice in the transmissions is led by the standard 40kph 12x12 synchro shuttle gearbox, plus hydraulically-engaged four-wheel drive and two-speed pto.

Conventional 540/1000rpm and ground-drive pto options are also available, and creep gears and two-speed powershift can be added for extra speed versatility, as well as a hydraulic power shuttle for smooth, fingertip direction changes.

Hydraulic resources come from a 49-litre/min gear pump supplemented by a 28-litre/min pump dedicated to steering and other ancillary systems, which makes it equivalent to a tractor with a 77-litre/min combined system. Three-point linkage lift capacity is 2.7 or 3.4 tonnes, depending on the model.

Other variations include a two-wheel-drive version and an open platform version for tractors likely to spend much of their time working under cover.

List prices start at £33,700 with four-wheel drive - a 64hp two-wheel drive is priced £29,680 - with the 74hp 4-075 being a 'value' special. It has a Perkins 4.4-litre engine compliant with earlier emissions standards and is priced £32,509, or £28,490 with two-wheel drive.