TWO DIFFERENT fertilisers can be spread in one pass by new front and rear-mounted spreaders from Amazone, with associated software to add precision to the mix.

The ability to operate a ZA-V, or ZA-TS, fertiliser spreader mounted up front is ideal for those who spread straights and want to spread two different types of fertiliser in one pass.

Amazone's new option means that each spreader can be set up separately for the properties of each fertiliser.

But it has now been without its challenges, as Amazone had to develop a system for the front that acted as a mirror image of the rear discharge. To relieve operators of having to think too much about this, Amazone developed software for the front mounted spreaders where the spreading functions are displayed in reverse.

In this way, even when side, border or water course spreading, the spreader can be switched on at the correct side without any problem.

To fulfil any legal demands on the lighting system, Amazone also offers an in-house lighting kit consisting of clear front side lamps plus additional headlights.