A NEW ultra-low disturbance LD Top-Soiler from Weaving Machinery will be launched at this month's LAMMA.

Specifically designed to complement no-till and min-till systems, the ultra low disturbance heaving action of the LD Top-Soiler relieves compaction in the top 9” (228mm) of the root zone.

Movement of the soil across the full width of the machine is helped by narrow spacing of the carbide tipped loosening legs, while the lifting wings aid drainage and air flow around the root zone, leaving the top layer of soil undisturbed which avoids weed germination.

The machine is constructed from high grade steel with a heavy-duty frame, carbide faced loosening legs and lifting wings, and shear bolt leg protection, with working depths of 0"-9" (0mm-228mm) with pin hole depth adjustment in 1" increments.

“The new LD Top Soiler is perfect for anyone with a no-till or min-till system,” said Simon Weaving, Sales at Weaving Machinery.

“But equally the LD can be effective to reduce compaction in conventional systems. We’ve designed it to lift the soil while maintaining profile structure, to help preserve soil nutrients and retain moisture. The narrow spacing of the carbide-tipped loosening legs allows soil movement across the full width of the machine.”