ON SHOW for the first time in Scotland, Väderstad will be working with its unique CrossCutter Disc at Tillage.

Claimed to improve the mixing of trash and soil at shallow depths of 2-3cm on stubbles, cover crops and on ploughed land, it can work at speeds of up to 20kph, but yet still has a low horsepower requirement.

The CrossCutters are fitted to a Väderstad Carrier and have a working width of between 3m-12.25m, depending on the model.

Each disc has a diameter of 450mm, is produced in high-quality V-55 Swedish steel and individually mounted to a rubber suspended disc arm for better ground contouring across the full working width.

Being a shallow cultivator it is seen as ideal for incorporating cover crops while minimising the risk of problems in the following crop.

It has also shown great results on cereal stubbles, where its intense shallow cultivation helps tackle grassweeds, such as blackgrass.

The new CrossCutters are available for Väderstad Carrier 300-400, Carrier 420-820 and Carrier 925-1225.

Also on pared will be a new light tined cultivator with levelling CrossBoard. The Ferox 500-900 has 50mm points and is available as a five, six, seven and nine metre machine.

It features rigid vibrating tines that can maintain a constant working depth and shatter cobbly-type soils. Wide tine spacing assists with handling crop residues and weeds, and in the right conditions it can also help to dry up the soil before drilling.

A CrossBoard provides an aggressive cultivation, with its working intensity controlled hydraulically from the cab.

It can be fitted with five or six axles, as well as an optional rear CrossBoard and crumble packer. Retail prices are from £20,030 to £36,390.