New Holland wowed Scottish farmers with its take on the future of rotary combining fields during events this harvest with its record-breaking CR10.90 Revelation harvester.

The company paved the way with its twin rotor technology for combines 40 years ago and this latest generation still embodies the soft touch given by the original multi-pass action, but has been updated to handle the flagship machine’s prodigious output.

The CR10.90 is the most powerful New Holland to date, with more than 700hp on tap. Innovative features include the new award-winning IntelliSense combine automation system, the Dynamic Flow Control remotely adjustable rotor vanes, concave reset, the deep cut Dynamic Feed Roll technology and the all-new patented Opti-Spread Plus super wide spreading residue management system.

The flagship gets it power from the FPT Industrial Cursor 16 while in the heart of the machine the remotely adjustable Dynamic Flow Control rotor vanes means their position can be altered on the go in response to changing crop conditions. New Holland reckons this can result in up to 20% higher productivity.

Inside the machine, the twin rotor technology means that grain cracking is a thing of the past, said New Holland, which added that it produced an industry leading figure as low as 0.2%.

The Harvest Suite Ultra cab has 3.7m³ of space, while the 6.3m² of glass gives all-round vision of the harvesting operation. At 73dB(A), New Holland reckon it is still the quietest cab on the market.

All the main functions are screened on the 26.4cm ultra-wide IntelliView IV colour touchscreen monitor while a new LED lighting package allows working long into the night.

This illumination can deliver up to a total of 48,000 lumens from 27 working lights and you can also get off of your combine in safety courtesy of an entrance light, which remains on for 30 seconds after you’ve switched the combine off.

On the Scottish demo of the CR10.90 Revelation, the combine impressed with a huge 41-foot header. The Stirling family hosted the demonstration at Dickmontlaw Farms, near Arbroath, and arable manager, David Martin, commented after it: “I was suitable impressed with the combine’s performance as it made an effortless job of the 32.5ha field of Revelation wheat, with a total of 391.680 tonnes put across the weighbridge at average moisture of 18.7%, and 77.6kg/hl.

“This year, we have had an exceptionally good harvest, both with quality of grain and yields achieved, with the added bonus of a large percentage of crops being harvested at low moisture and finishing wheat harvest 10 days earlier than previous year.”