VISITORS to this year's LAMMA will get an exclusive offer on Topcon autosteer kits – a free auto headland turn activation option worth £875.

Auto steer specialist, LH Agro's show deal will also offer a discount on all Topcon X35 and X25 Autosteer kit purchased at the show, as well as the free activation of the headland feature.

The 12.1 inch X35 and 8.4 inch X25 are Topcon’s fully featured, colour screen auto-steering and guidance consoles. Both use Topcon’s Horizon software to control a range of operations, from auto-steering tractors, sprayers and combines, to controlling variable rate applications and automatic section shut-off of spreaders, sprayers and drills.

The headland function enables machines equipped with a Topcon auto-steer system to make fully automated turns at headlands using alternating, infill and single direction infill patterns.

It steers the machine to precisely position it for the next pass and is of particular benefit when working on recently drilled land where there are no visual references such as tramlines or pre-emergence markers to indicate where to turn.