IT'S one of the biggest causes of loss by theft on many farms – waking up to find that your ATV, or quad bike has been purloined.

When they are stolen, the loss can potentially affect how a farm runs effectively on a day to day basis and so, thanks to BRP and its Can-Am brand, we have some top tips to ensure your ATV is secure:

• When purchasing an ATV, ensure the dealership you purchase it from fits a tracker system.

• Ensure that you record all the serial numbers of the vehicles/machinery you may have on site as it will help you identify vehicles if one is stolen.

• Make sure you are lighting the right places on your farm (tool sheds, fuel tanks and outbuildings) and install motion sensor lights that will automatically illuminate areas if any movement is detected.

• Report all incidents of theft and any suspicious behaviour to the police because if it is not, the police will not know it is happening.

• Keep all vehicles out of sight and weld a metal cover over the hasp to protect the building’s padlocks from being cut with bolt cutters.

• Ensure that any storage areas are locked with padlocks, hasps and deadbolts.

• Regularly prune any trees or shrubbery that could potentially block the light sources.

• Regularly tour your farm to look at spots that are in permanent darkness as well as vulnerable areas such as gates, fences and doors that could be damaged and may need fixing or replacing.

• Do not leave any vehicles outside when you have finished with them and ensure the keys have been removed and placed somewhere safe within the house.

• Display signage at the front of your farm telling visitors where they cannot go for safety reasons.