GIVEN variable seeding depth in differing soil conditions it’s sometimes not easy to set up some power harrows properly – but Pottinger has made it easy with its Lion range, which only needs a simple mechanical adjustment with one pin.

It can be quickly set to the ideal working depth by adjustment in 1cm steps using a pin-in-hole system, which uses a convenient levelling board guide for the best working results.

This levelling board is guided at a consistent pre-defined distance above the soil without changing its distance from the tines via a patented solution, which is said to deliver identical tilth structure for the seedbed, even in changeable soil conditions.

The Lion range is carefully matched to horse-power ratings – the Classic has a power rating of 140hp and has a working width of 2.5 and 3m working widths of 2.5 and 3m; next up are 3.5 and 4m machines rated at 180 hp; while 200 hp is needde for heavy duty models with working widths of 3.5m and 4m. Above that, there is then the Lion 1002 series, which can be operated at up to 250 hp.

For a working width of 3m, you can choose between 10 or 12 rotors and in higher power ranges, the tines are thicker to cope with the extra power and/or more trash.

A choice of rear rollers puts the finishing touch to seedbed preparation, with either ridged or full-surface consolidation by a tooth-packer roller, or a crumbling packer roller.