THERE was a first public working demonstration of Kuhn’s new 6m drill at this week’s Groundswell conservation agricultural event.

Its Will Waterer highlighted the versatility of the new Aurock seed drill during demonstrations at the demo, pointing to the triple-disc concept and modular design as key differentiators for the machine.

He stressed that the Aurock was a machine designed to fit into whatever system farmers choose to adopt, rather than a machine around which systems should be designed. “We believe that the majority of farmers moving towards a conservation agriculture approach will go through a transition and require a drill that offers the ability to perform in varying conditions, from more conventional minimum tillage through to zero tillage,” he said.

“The Aurock has been designed to offer a range of configurations so it is easily adaptable for the broadest range of soil types, rotations and cropping systems.”

Kuhn launched its first direct drill in 1975 and has been developing this technology ever since, so the Aurock has more than forty years of know-how built in.

This includes an optional integral front crimping roller, choice of opening discs, triple-disc seeding unit, slanted press wheel and optional rear covering harrow. A central pivot between the seeding bar and the frame ensures accurate seed placement in differing conditions, with the pivot point function controlled from the tractor cab.

It has single or dual metering unit options, plus the potential for a third seeding permutation by adding Kuhn’s SH unit. The drill is ISOBUS-compatible, and available with CCI 1200 or CCI 50 control terminals, with easy adjustment of the modulate design machine made possible through six independent automated sections.

It is also one of the first drills to be available with the company’s new Vistaflow universal tramlining valve, which monitors seed passage inside the seeding tubes to provide the ultimate in blockage detection and makes the drill adaptable to many tramline configurations.