One of the 'biggies' from New Holland, the CR Revelation harvester, is to get a power upgrade which will lead to greater efficiency, productivity and grain quality, it said at the launch of the 2020 models

Power upgrades of up to 5% should boost performance across most of the range while at the same time meeting the stringent Stage V emission compliance targets.

It does this by introducing the industry-leading ECOBlue HI-eSCR 2 technology, which as well as producing the 'clean' ticket, helps maintain the range's reputation fuel economy.

New Holland is following the power upgrade on the CR10.90 and the CR8.80 with increases across the rest of the range.

At the low end of the range, the CR7.80 and CR7.90 have been uprated by 14hp and 11hp, respectively, while the CR8.90 now runs a Cursor 13 engine that develops 544hp – 27hp more than previously – while the CR 9.80 and CR 9.90 benefit from an additional 29hp, reaching 600hp. The CR 8.80 and CR10.90 now have a max power of 517hp and 700hp, respectively.

The latest CR Revelations will build on New Holland's strong heritage of 45 years of experience with its groundbreaking Twin Rotor technology. It said is continual tweaking of this has resulted in an increase in its harvesting productivity of up to 25% in the last five years.

The threshing efficiency of the 17-inch rotor on the CR7.80, CR7.90 and CR8.80 models has been improved with new 20 mm higher crop covers and increased beater speed. It also features an adjustable beater grate, which can be opened and closed in minutes which can provide 0.26 m2 additional separation surface (a 75% increase) and together these can deliver a 10% increase in capacity.

The heavy-duty, high-capacity 22-inch rotor on the four models at the top of the range also benefit from the increase in beater speed, which contributes to further improving the combine’s productivity and a 5% capacity increase.

A new high-capacity grain elevator on the 14500-litre grain tank of the top-of-the-range CR9.90 and CR10.90 increases the combine’s grain transport volume by 10%.

A cab interior refresh has improved visibility and 'operator experience', added New Holland. A new colour scheme and the use of a brushed aluminium finish on the dashboard gives the cab a premium automotive feel.

Meanwhile, New Holland's CX7 and CX8 range has had capacity increased by using a new staggered threshing drum, plus there's Stage V compliance with the proven ECOBlue technology.

While the new staggered drum improves threshing performance, in the cab a fresh look at controls enable the operator to manage the rotary separator and sieve opening, as well as chop or swath selection to further help efficiency adjustment.

These complement the proven Opti-Speed auto-adaptive variable speed strawwalkers, SmartTrax, Opti-Fan, Opti-Clean and Opti-Spread technologies to enhance productivity. The Harvest Suite Ultra cab also gets a modern new look.

The CX7 and CX8 range have New Holland’s four-drum threshing system with a 750 mm drum diameter, while there's an optional staggered drum, which features offset rasp bars on the sectional drum, available too.

The staggered drum design achieves a smoother crop flow that results in lower in-cab noise and reduces blockages. It uses 16% less total threshing power, reducing fuel consumption. This can increase the combine’s capacity by as much as 10%.

New Holland is also offering a new low-speed drum kit for those operations where grain quality is paramount. This enables the operator to reduce the drum speed for a lower level of cracked grain.

Changes to in-cab controls mean the sieve and pre-sieve are now remotely adjustable and the distance between the rotary separator and the concave of the Multi-Thresh system can be changed remotely.

The pivoting spout is also now controlled via the CommandGrip multi-function handle, which enables the operator to direct the crop with precision to achieve uniform trailer filling.

Other productivity-enhancing improvements include the header height control with pressure sensor input on the AutoFloat III to ensure even better ground following in uneven terrain, the sensor on the stone trap which alerts the operator if he has left it open, and automatic concave opening at reversing.

There's also a new patented air-based distribution system for the twin-disc chaff spreader, which spreads the chaff across the full width of the header. Operator can control the speed of the spreader from the cab in response to crop or weather conditions and switch between chopping and swathing at the touch of a button.