K Two buy Warwick Trailers to triple capacity and offer full product range.

One of the biggest British manufacturers of muck spreaders, trailers and farming machinery, K Two Sales, has bought Warwick Trailers increasing capacity for production of their high-quality muck spreaders and to offer a full product range of trailers.

The Aylesbury-based family-run business' purchase of Warwick Trailers has increased the size of its production facilities to nearly 80,000 square feet, giving them the space to produce more muck spreaders and add a complete range of trailers across the agricultural industry.

Warwick Trailers, which has been trading for almost 70 years, will continue to produce its well established and trusted trailer ranges under the new ownership of K Two.

"We are very pleased to officially announce that K Two has bought Warwick Trailers. This is a significant milestone in K Two’s history and will give us the opportunity to increase production of our muck spreaders and trailers for the farming market,’’ said Robbie Polson, K Two's sales director.

With the purchase of Warwick Trailers and the launch of their Duo Mk6 Muck Spreaders – a range of heavy-duty rear discharge muck spreaders that use twin vertical beaters – K Two is set for increased growth year on year, he added.