A new range of Landini four-wheel drive tractors that can come equipped with large diameter row crop wheels all round for extra high clearance, will be introduced at the show.

The Landini 5 HC will be shown on the Argo Tractors stand alongside the new Rex 3 compact and latest Rex 4 regular-size orchard/vineyard tractors, the latter featuring front axle suspension and a factory-fitted front linkage installation for the first time.

The high clearance version of the Landini 5 Series tractor replaces similar machines based on the superseded 5D Series, with a change of power unit, a new cab, increased hydraulic oil flow and a number of other upgrades.

“With under-axle clearance of up to 695mm (27½in), these tractors can be used on arable farms for late season spray treatments in mature grain and oilseed rape crops,” said Andy Starbuck, Landini’s product specialist.

There is also a new power unit under the hood – a 3.6-litre Deutz four-cylinder engine using just a diesel oxidising catalyst (DOC) to meet current emissions requirements, which replaces a 3.4-litre Perkins motor that also required a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for emissions control.

The new engine also serves up 4-5hp more power for each of the three models – 90hp for the 5-095 HC; 99hp for the 5-105 HC and 107hp for the 5-115 HC – and is matched to a choice of synchro or power shuttle transmissions with 12 x 12 to 36 x 36 speed configurations.