REDUCED spray drift and better crop penetration is the double aim of new technology showcased at LAMMA this week by Landquip.

At the NEC-based show, it unveiled new products from both its crop sprayer business and its new Terra Solutions arm, which focuses on both import and UK manufacturing at Landquip’s Suffolk factory of cultivation equipment.

It is now the UK agent for the Dutch-designed Wingssprayer, system as seen at LAMMA. This aerodynamic, twin-wing application system is designed to significantly reduce drift whilst boosting product efficacy by ensuring it is sprayed deep into the crop.

It achieves this by using wide-angle nozzles spaced at 25cm and positioned between two aerofoil wings, which allows fine droplets to be produced and better targeted for better crop coverage.

The aerofoil system utilises aerodynamic air streams created by forward motion and head winds to create a downward swirl of fine droplets which penetrate directly into the crop. User experience suggests the system can typically result in savings of 20% in contact herbicides and 10-20% in fungicides from the improved contact and reduced product volumes.

During spraying, the wings gently touch the crop, slightly opening the canopy to further aid droplet penetration whilst reducing vaporisation.

It was developed after Dutch inspection authorities required farmers to meet stringent legislation which demanded drift reduction of at least 75%. The Wingssprayer's fine nozzles can achieve a drift reduction of up to 99.8% and even allow for spraying up to 0.5m from a water course.

Also making its debut at LAMMA was an addition to Landquip’s Cropmaster mounted sprayer range. The new 1300-litre Cropmaster is available with the ultra-light RPA aluminium boom in widths of 18-24m and fits in at the bottom of a pack which already has 1600 and 1900-litre models.

Like the others in the range, the new model’s capacity can be boosted by pairing with a 1500 or 1900-litre Vision front tank. A full package of precision farming options are also available, from the ARAG Bravo 180S entry-level controller to GPS-governed individual nozzle section control, boom auto height and colour touch screen.

Cultivation equipment also made a LAMMA debut. Following its recently-announced partnership with Ukrainian firm, Lozova, Landquip showed a 6m trailed heavy-duty Ducat disc harrow – with the full range available from 2.5m to 16.5m working width. Also on show was a rotary harrow and an inter-row cultivator.