SLURRY equipment specialist, Abbey, from Ireland, had a full suite of its technology on show at LAMMA 2020.

Include was its latest 2750 recess single axle tanker, with a door-mounted DM band applicator fitted – a 7.5m spreader that can also be retrofitted onto existing tankers. It mounts on the rear-door and is braced to the tanker chassis.

Aimed at getting tankers filled quickly, Abbey's other new machine on show was the eight-inch (200mm) multi-stage-filling arm, which can be operated from the tractor cab.

Its modular system makes it pretty versatile and it can fill from Abbey hoppers, high or low transport tanker hoppers, open slurry pits and under-ground storage areas. It can also come with the option of a turbo filler for faster filling and has a reach of 2.6m and a suction depth of around 3m.

Another bit of extra kit is Abbey's move into using near infra-red (NIR) technology to measure nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and dry matter in slurry, which allows for more precision when spreading slurry and manure.

While Abbey is best known for its slurry equipment, it also has a successful line in diet feeders. These were represented at LAMMA by the latest VF2250 feeder.

Complete with a cross conveyor fitted, this has a TMR Tracker for improved feed management, record keeping and cost management – it's one of 19 diet feeder models from 8-33 cu m in single, twin or tri-auger, that Abbey manufactures.