Well-known ATV kit manufacturer, Quad-X, has recently launched a fertiliser sower specifically for towing behind a UTV, side-by-side vehicle or 4x4.

Its UTV Pro Spreader is the only commercially available UTV sower that driver can open and close function from the driver's seat, pointed out Quad-X.

It has been designing and manufacturing fertiliser sowers for more than 25 years and its wealth of experience has resulted in a spreader that has a frame developed to be up to 85% stronger than any other competitor’s towed sower. It also comes with a triple bearing system on the axle.

This commercial spec' Pro Spreader is made using stainless steel components and a seven-stage finishing process for resistance to wet weather conditions and the corrosive nature of fertiliser. It has an extra wide axle coupled, with a low hopper height to make it highly stable, even on rough ground.

Flotation tyres add to the spec' and the sower has a 680-litre capacity – without its removable sides, it can carry 465 litres. It is ground driven and the spreading width is easily adjusted by regulating the towing vehicle's speed.

Its dished spinner and specially designed spinner vanes have been developed to give a spread up to 50ft with an even application for maximum results and minimum wastage.

The shutter plate is easily opened/closed from sitting on the UTV with a handy lever to disengage the spinner for travel to outlying fields.