MANAGING large areas of grass and stubble is being made easier with the launch of a new range of batwing rotary mowers from Woods Equipment.

Available in their successful standard, heavy duty and ‘extreme’ models – and for tractors between 130hp and 300hp – Woods’ new 20ft (6.3m) batwing, will be the biggest so far sold via the manufacturer’s UK agent, Simon Richard, of Hawick.

Mr Richard commented: “These new 20:50, 20:60, and 20:70 models are available for immediate delivery and are ideal for farmers, agricultural contractors and also airports, confirming Woods’ reputation for both quality and performance. They offer the company’s market leading six-year warranty on all gearboxes, including ‘twin triple lipped ’seals.

“The 33cm deep deck, quick release blades, clean deck system, all contribute to spending less time on the machine and more time in the field,” he added.