Swivelling lower links being made available from Claas for its tractors, should make negotiating bends during mowing much easier.

Claas joined with fellow German company, Hans Sauter, to jointly developed these hydraulically swivelling front lower links system for use with mounted front and rear mower combinations. This significantly reduces or even completely eliminates strips of grass being left when negotiating bends and mowing on slopes.

Hydraulically shiftable rear mower units have been commercially available for several years, now swivelling hydraulic lower link stabilisers can also be used in a similar way to easily adapt to bends and slopes 'up front' and reduce those annoying 'missed bits'.

These swivel-hip links means the front mower unit actively swivels inwards on bends to eliminates uncut strips and overlaps depending on the steering angle, and also reduces the risk of the front swath being run over.

These hydraulically swivelling lower links simply slot into the standard lower link holders, which also enables easy retrofitting. This also means that both new and older mower units of all types are suitable for operation with the retrofitting kit.

A|t the moment they are pre-fitted for use with Claas Disco mowers and for use with Claas Axion 900 and 800 series tractors, but also with Fendt 900, 800 and 700 models.

They are capable of swivelling by up to 30cm, to either the left or the right, and a double acting service is required so that it can be controlled using a spool valve.

The swivelling hitch is available in limited supply for 2020 and full supply in 2021.