Everyone likes a bit of comfort at lambing time – well this we had in spades in the form of John Deere's new R-series Gator.

A veritable Range Rover amongst ATVs – it costs almost £30,000 – this is verging on the opulent side for on-farm transport and workability.

It's an out and out hi-spec' version of the popular Gator, which has become a fixture on many farms, many of which have made the switch from quad bike to the side-by-side configuration that these types of machines give users, commonly known as UTVs. They can carry people more safely and have a bigger payload.

What's not to like about the premium comfort offered by the new R-series – if you can afford it?

On parade was the XUV865R which manages to trade just a little bit of practicality for a whole lot of comfort. That starts in the cab, where fabric seats (very comfortable) replace the utilitarian plastic versions and you'd be forgiven for thinking 'tractor' – in fact you'd be right. It's almost the same beige fabric for the three people that can sit there, with attendant seat belts.

While it's not up to snuff in being able to be kept clean of slurry and snotters without a really snug seat cover, it is comfortable. So I'd be thinking more 'moorland shooting' accessory than 'lambing field' vehicle, though a plastic wrap can keep the stains to a minimum.

Comfort of the ears, though, is a bit of a stretch as the Gator came with pretty impressive Maxxis BigHorn radial off-road tyres – great for off-road, but a bit noisy while on it. Of course, if you want to make the most of your £30k, you need to keep it registered for road use!

It manages to look like the interior of a small van, though, with some pretty snazzy door inserts and fascia. If you want to make the most of the heating and ventilation system, then keep the doors on ... but there's the ability to remove them when practically possible. The windows also wind up and down.

Ahead of the driver, there's a well-laid out fascia, with light switches on the left and there's also an adjustable steering wheel. So it's not your average UTV cab!

The gear selector is to the driver's right, plus rear diff' lock lever and four-wheel drive engagement. The rear load tipping button, is handily placed to the left.

Cup holders are pretty much there for everyone in the cab, though the action off road mean there won't be much fizz in your pop by the time you've been in it five minutes. For lambing gear etc, handy recesses are there, plus under the passenger bench seat there's a 56-litre storage box, which is very handy (more than enough for a pet lamb) – which also has a 12-volt plug-in socket, one of a series around the machine.

Power comes from the usual Gator source, an 854cc Yanmar diesel of 22.8hp matched up to a two-speed CVT gearbox. That is a pretty nifty unit, sited as usual under the load bed, but I'd say that maybe the extra weight of the 'extras' does hit the off the mark time a little, though you can still expect to get it up to 55kph – or 34 mph to older people like me.

On the practical side, a long working day is catered for by a 42.8-litre tank and you can expect to do a lot of work and miles for that.

And work it can do. Its load bed capacity is 454kg, with 305mm deep polypropylene side panels and a steel floor, which can be tipped easily as the R-series has an electric powered actuator.

Load bed dimensions are 1143mm x 1320mm x 305mm – great for heavy loads of logs etc. Towing capacity is 900kg and it is fully homologated with road lights and a seven-pin socket at the rear as standard for trailer lights.

Off-road, four-wheel drive activation needs a flick of a dash switch, with the front axles having an auto diff locking system. Disc brakes work really well, but with pretty decent engine braking you won't need them unless on really hilly ground with some weight behind you. The four wheel independent suspension system also helps keep things stable.

Another of the high spec' features is in the lighting looms. There are LEDs all around the Gator, including the ability for roof lights if you need Blackpool Illumination-style light for working.

The rest of the lights around the machine are excellent, with LEDs throughout, including the high and low main beam and two led bar lights at the top of the cab, easily lighting up 150 metres ahead.

All in all ... this is the Rangie of the moors and if that's what you want, then this is the very dab.