Spreading the load better with twin floor chains, is the aim of Ktwo's muck spreaders.

It said that it offered increased longevity, better reliability and a more even spread of product compared to a single chain design. A spokesman also pointed out that all leading manufactures now use heavy duty, mining conveyor chain systems which are far superior to the early light weight, flat link agricultural chain systems of the past.

Traditionally, larger 'trailer type' 2m-wide muck spreaders used single floor chain systems, but when a large amount of material was tipped into them, it did not support the floor well. Twin floor chains give a more robust floor slat and support to the centre of the floor.

Ktwo's design has a flared body, which gives an increased volume capacity but also allows a stronger floor design. By starting to taper from the floor, the innovative design acts as a funnel to help move materials down to the chains increasing volume and allowing for easier emptying with less bridging.

"A single chain is a simple system that allows for easier slat bending and requires a bigger and more clumsy chain to achieve the required pulling capacity,’’ said Ashley Knibb, Ktwo's senior design engineer. “It also suffers from inherently more chain wear on the gearbox drive side."

Ktwo spreaders also have a sprocketed front roller with integral cleaning scrapers, for positive engagement and ensures the chains remain timed and aligned.

Robbie Polson, Ktwo's managing director, pointed out: "We have had great feedback from customers moving from a single slat spreader to our twin floor chain spreaders. Not only does it help spread the load better, it allows for easier maintenance.’’

The muck spreader range includes vertical and horizontal beaters all designed to give maximum output with consistent and accurate spreading.