All-terrain mobility plus on-road performance is the aim of the new Ground King range from tyre manufacturer, Nokian Tyres.

Given that most prime movers are expected to perform a versatile mix of seasonal work, both hauling and working with a variety of heavy duty work implements means that users are looking for a tyre that gives solutions for many different conditions.

Nokian said the Ground King is perfectly suited to most applications, utilising as it does its new Hybrilug technology, designed for optimum traction, effective power transfer and have excellent self-cleaning properties in the field.

They take their roots from the well-proven Nokian TRI2 and are vonstructed from a high strength, textile casing and steel belts, allowing it to hold higher inflation pressures and carry astonishing loads of 20%-plus over standard agricultural tyres.

Hybrilug technology challenges the limitations of the traditional lug and more recent block tyre patterns. Featuring an increased ground contact area, specially aligned pattern elements and more advanced tread compound, it combines all terrain mobility, great road properties and a long operating life, said Nokian.

Tested against premium competitors’ standard agricultural tyres, the Nokian Ground King recorded up to 35% less rolling resistance on the road, extending tyre life, saving fuel, saving money, and saving the environment, it pointed out.

It has been launched with an initial range for 2020/21 of 20 sizes covering 28-inches through to 42-inches.