Vredestein is significantly expanding its Traxion 65 tractor tyre series, first introduced at the Agritechnica 2019.

Fifteen sizes have now been added to cover a now complete range from 16 to 42 inches. All 19 tyres are available for the aftermarket and various tractor brands are offering them factory fitted.

The Traxion 65 series is Vredestein’s follow-up on the popular Traxion+ and was redesigned using the latest technologies developed for the Vredestein Traxion Optimall VF. Features that have comprehensively proven themselves in practice have been retained, including the curved lugs and the large contact area in the middle of the tread.

The large contact area of the Traxion 65 offers driving comfort and ensures that the tyre is exceptionally quiet. Tests carried out on the RDW test track (ISO certified: ISO10844:2014) showed that noise levels in the cabin were 29% of that of a premium competitor. There was als a pass-by noise reduction of 22%, compared to the competitor tyre.

Its distinctive curved lug that is almost perpendicular to the direction of travel, gives the Traxion 65 impressive pulling power. This is because, as the distance from the centre to the side between the lugs increases at the end, the tyre has an excellent self-cleaning ability, especially on heavy soils. This ensures that the tyre keeps the traction and reduces the amount of mud left on the road.

The combination of the unique tread compound with the unique profile ensures a lifespan that is at least 30% longer than the Traxion 65’s premium competitors, claimed Vredestein.

Ten sizes are available from 320/65 R 16 up to 540/65 R 28.