Fixed and variable chamber Kubota-badged balers include one fixed chamber and two variable chamber models, plus a FlexiWrap baler-wrapper combination that heads up the range.

The fixed chamber BF3255 offers Superfeed and 14-knife Supercut variations, producing bales measuring 1.2x1.25m. Variable chamber BV models bring enhanced technology, with a drop floor for added protection and PowerBind net application.

Using a drop floor mechanism suspended on a parallelogram linkage, the BV models now offer shorter unblocking times from improved clearance at the front of the baler – the area most at risk of blockage.

The BV5160 and BV5200 produce bales with diameters of up to 1.65m and 2m, respectively, and they use five endless belts, while a closed chamber system affords immediate bale starting.

All Kubota round balers are equipped with PowerBind, which eliminates the need for feed-in rollers. It is a tying system that has been engineered to avoid interference from external factors such as windy weather and crop types.

Net is injected directly into the bale chamber using the PowerBind arm, which maintains net tension at all times and delivers repeatable accuracy with consistent net injection.

Its operation starts when the bale is 90% complete and the PowerBind arm moves forward as preparation to inject net. This functionality adds to reliability and productivity, simply by eliminating time the bale might need to pick up the net.

The result is one of the fastest net wrap processes available, which means less time spent tying and more time spent baling.

The FlexiWrap baler-wrapper combination is based on a BV5160 mounted on a twin axle chassis with a twin-satellite wrapper. During operation, the wrapping table moves up to the rear of the baler to collect the bale, allowing baling to continue while the wrapper seals in forage quality. When wrapping is completed, the table tilts rearwards to create a low unloading height.