KEEPING pace with increasing demand from the agricultural machinery sector, JCB has launched a number of new wheeled loaders and boosted power on some existing machines.

During its first virtual launch dedicated to farm machines, JCB introduced a new range of telescopic wheeled loaders with an industry-first 50kph eight-speed powershift transmission and a high powered engine.

Both developments feature in a new flagship model, the 173hp (129kW) TM420S, in JCB’s Stage V telescopic wheeled loader line-up, along with a new cab.

In total, there are four models in the range with new variants and performance upgrades throughout. Lift capacities and lift heights continue at 3.2 tonnes and 5.2ms for the TM320 and TM320S, and 4.1 tonnes and 5.45m for the TM420 and new TM420S.

The new eight-speed JCB Powershift transmission installed in all TM telescopic wheeled loaders is based on the proven components of the current six-speed unit but with two extra forward gears.

The top-spec' version of this transmission with 50kph gearing is standard on the new TM420S and an option for the TM320S, the two high performance models in the range equipped with the most arduous farm and contracting applications.

The base spec' 40kph version of this eight-speed transmission is fitted to the TM320 and TM420, which are designed for less demanding applications, with torque converter lock-up available in forward gears five to eight.

Both versions of this transmission can be operated manually, shifting through the gears using joystick buttons, or by switching to ‘intelligent’ auto power-shifting for gears five to eight.

In auto mode, the transmission responds to light use of the accelerator pedal by shifting up and down at a relatively steady engine speed for optimum fuel economy, but more aggressive pedal use results in delayed up-shifts to exploit the full power and torque available at higher revs for maximum acceleration and productivity.

All four JCB telescopic wheeled loaders in the range are equipped with a new Command Plus cab that features a one-piece windscreen sweeping up and over the operator’s head.

The new TM420S, with its large diameter 26-inch tyres, plus heavier duty chassis and axles, builds on the performance credentials established by the TM320S among large farms and contractors needing a machine for the toughest and most demanding applications.

Power output for the TM320S is increased to 150hp (112kW) accompanied by 600Nm of torque, while the new range-topping TM420S comes in with 173hp (129kW) and 690Nm. Meanwhile, the TM320 gets a power and torque boost to 130hp (97kW) and 550Nm, while the TM420 has the latest 150hp (112kW) DieselMAX engine with 600Nm torque output.

These general purpose models have the same lift capacity and lift height figures as their ‘S’ counterparts but the 63cc, 230 bar variable flow piston pump hydraulics of the TM320 and 72cc, 260 bar system in the TM420 suits the tasks they are given.

New compact wheel loader launched

JCB has also launched a new ultra-compact wheeled loader with double the power of the current model.

The JCB 403 Plus mirrors the size and layout of the current 25hp (19kW) 403 Smart Power but draws on a 50hp (36kW) engine and 60-litre/min hydraulics to tackle more demanding work.

With an overall height of 2.2m and width of just 1.1m on narrow tyres, the JCB 403 Plus engine is equipped with JCB Autostop to shut down the engine if left idling for a time-adjustable period to avoid using up fuel unnecessarily.

In addition, JCB LiveLink telemetry is installed on the new Plus model to help keep the machine secure, encourage timely service scheduling and provide remote location, fault early warning alerts and operational records.

The hydrostatic transmission comes in 12mph (20kph) and 18mph (30kph) versions, and a 60-litre/min gear pump provides oil for the articulated chassis steering, lift arms and front end attachments.

Up front, buyers have a choice of lift arm sizes with the standard version providing a load-over height of 2.6m, while the extended option takes load-over height to 2.8m. Four different quick hitch coupling, with hydraulic pin locking from the driver’s seat, cater for new or existing attachments on the farm.

More power for mid-range wheel loaders

JCB’s mid-range agricultural wheeled loaders have extra power, torque and refinement in a package of upgrades for the new Stage V versions that meet latest engine emissions rules.

The JCB 411 Agri, 413S Agri and 417 Agri are now powered by the latest 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX four-cylinder engine, which features the JCB Autostop system.

Weighing 8.7 tonnes, the 411 Agri has High Torque lift arms giving 3.36m of load-over clearance with the quick-hitch fitted and a full-turn tipping load of a little more than five tonnes with a general purpose 1.2-1.6 cubic metre bucket.

Three loader arm choices are available with the JCB 417 Agri, giving up to 4.2m clearance for bale stacking or loading an intake hopper, and a full turn tipping load of around 3.9 tonnes in that configuration, with up to 5.8 tonnes capacity available with a quick-hitch on the standard arms, which will clear 3.3m.

Weighing typically 8.95 tonnes, the JCB 413S Agri clears 3.61m with the optional High Lift loader arms, while the standard arms provide increased torque for improved lifting ability, giving the 413S Agri tipping loads from 4.6 to 5.6 tonnes, depending upon the front end configuration.

On the performance front, the JCB 411 Agri and 417 Agri benefit from moving from a 4.4-litre engine to the latest-specification 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX, which is also fitted to the 413S Agri and comes with a single canister SCR and DPF installation to clamp down further on NOx and particulate matter in addition to the existing DOC unit.

Peak power and torque figures for the 411 Agri are unchanged at 109hp (81kW) but the 417 Agri has a 4% increase in maximum power output at 130hp (97kW), while the JCB 413S gets a 5% increase in power output at 150hp (122kW) and 7% more torque at 600Nm.

New Loadalls with more power

A new range of Loadall telescopic handlers featuring more powerful Euro Stage V emissions-compliant engines are being launched, and JCB is offering the unique DualTech Variable Transmission on additional models.

The latest JCB Loadall handlers are powered by 4.8-litre JCB 448 DieselMAX engines with a compact package of exhaust after-treatment technologies to meet EU Stage V emissions compliance and power outputs that relate to the AGRI, AGRI Super and AGRI Xtra specification levels.

In AGRI models, the engine has unchanged ratings of 109hp (81kW) and 516Nm torque; for AGRI Super versions, there is an extra 5hp (4kW) at 130hp (97kW) along with 550Nm of torque; and for AGRI Xtra models the engine also has an additional 5hp (4kW) at 150hp (112kW) but also a 7% increase in peak torque at 600Nm for livelier performance.

The revised model and specification line-up starts with the JCB Loadall 532-60 AGRI, which continues with a 109hp (81kW) engine but now has JCB’s 40kph four-speed TorqueLock 4 powershift transmission, featuring torque converter lock-up for power-efficient direct drive.

This model is joined by the new 532-60 AGRI Super, which has a 130hp (97kW) engine and the DualTech VT hydro-mechanical transmission.

At the top end of the performance scale, the bulk handling 560-80 AGRI Super has a regular four-speed powershift but in new top-spec AGRI Xtra guise comes with the 150hp (112kW) engine and either JCB’s familiar six-speed AutoShift transmission or the seamless DualTech VT.

All other models in the range – the 538-60, 532-70, 542-70 and 536-95 – are available with a choice of AGRI 109hp (81kW) specification with JCB TorqueLock 4 transmission; AGRI Super 130hp (97kW) spec with four-speed Powershift, six-speed AutoShift or DualTech VT drive; and with the AGRI Xtra package combining the 150hp (112kW) engine with six-speed AutoShift or DualTech VT.