Limited series of two NewAg models, the MLT 737 and MLT 741, are fresh to the market from Manitou.

Available in Europe, these unique versions have the latest innovations and one of the widest ranges of standard equipment on the market, said the company.

For farmers seeking a customised machine with added comfort, Manitou's built in some very special specifications into the two agricultural models – known as the MLT 737-130 PS+ and MLT 741-140 V+ within the NewAg range.

These have two available transmission types – Powershift and M-Vario Plus – and they have a unique design in a stand-out grey colour (Volcano) contrasting with red and black to highlight.

For the first time since launch, this series has a 3D logo with the NewAg signature on the door, extending each user a personalised welcome.

Camille Rouvrais, product manager for the MLTs, explained the thinking behind the new models: “With these limited editions, we would like to give our customers who are seeking an exclusive machine an even more customised solution.

"These two models are among the best equipped on the market. The design is also unique, with many new developments. We are convinced that our customers will appreciate this limited series!”

The extensive equipment available is divided into three categories, with the first of those equipment designed for user comfort.

Telehandlers MLT 737-130 PS+ and MLT 741-140 V+ have a leather low frequency suspension seat for top-notch seating comfort and a significant reduction in vibrations to protect the operator's back.

The steering wheel and armrest are also trimmed in leather, giving the interior of the cabin a higher-end look. Two SafeView cameras on the right and back of the machine also offer enhanced security and more convenience for the operator.

Other equipment in the cabin includes a USB bluetooth car-style radio with microphone and a 'Vision' screen for greater visibility of the information shown on the dashboard.

The second category relates to performance. Both versions have Active CRC boom suspension in order to limit shocks when moving with a load while protecting the structural components of the boom.

The Intelligent Hydraulics triptych – bucket shaking, return to load position, and combined movements of the boom and telescope at the same time – is designed for greater productivity and is available on the MLT 741-140 V+.

The final category, is productivity and time-saving hydraulic locking of attachments is available on the MLT 741-140 V+, while the 'regenerative hydraulics' function offers gravity-controlled boom lowering, which increases the speed of hydraulic movements and reduces the use of fuel.

This function also reduces noise and LED work lights are installed in the cabin, with the work lights on the boom and main beam headlights are also LED.

Representing 15% to 30% of total use time, idling speed costs users approximately €10 per hour in the three main areas – fuel consumption, machine depreciation, and maintenance. To limit this Manitou equipped this limited series with the Ecostop feature.

This automatically stops the engine when the machine is idling without anyone in the cabin.

These new models will be delivered all over Europe starting in the first quarter of 2021.