Zetor is due to start delivering Proxima tractors that meet European Stage V exhaust emissions to first customers towards the end of this year.

The Czech manufacturer has chosen to enlist Deutz for supplies of the appropriate power unit, reinforcing the use of outside technology rather than further developing its own engines.

Deutz power units are already used in the 76hp Major CL and 171hp six-cylinder Crystal HD available in the UK, but Zetor’s own Stage V four-cylinder motor continues in the 117-147hp Forterra models.

Switching to the 3.6-litre Deutz TCD for the first time will see the Zetor Proxima pushed up the power scale to 125hp from the current 117hp ceiling for added performance, and will introduce a raft of emissions control measures.

In addition to exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to regulate NOx through combustion temperature control, the TCD employs urea injection (SCR), an oxidising catalyst and a ‘soot’ filter to meet the stringent Stage V requirements.

There will be three Proxima model lines as now (CL, GP and HS) reflecting different levels of specification and power output, but with a refreshed control layout and the addition of a compressor and airline if required, which can be used for flushing dust and debris from the cooling pack or inflating tyres.