A novel transmission set-up that bridges the different characteristics of semi-powershift and continuously variable drives features in the latest mid-range line-up of Deutz-Fahr tractors.

The 6C series groups a trio of four-cylinder tractors with 3.6-litre Deutz engines that meet current Stage V emissions compliance using a package of SCR AdBlue injection, a diesel catalytic converter and a particulates filter, and featuring electronic power boost for pto and transport applications.

The 6115 C (essentially a 5125 with a Deutz instead of SDF engine) serves up 120hp or 126hp when the power boost has engaged; the 6125 C delivers 129hp and 136hp; and the 6135 C gets 136hp and 143hp from its diesel engine.

All but the 6115 C are available with front axle and cab suspension for added ride comfort and stability, and all are available with the same Powershift and TTV transmissions as their predecessors.

Powershift is the base option, offering several configurations, 40kph top speed and the UK base-spec TopVision+ cab with the majority of controls housed to the operator’s right.

There is a two-speed ‘splitter’ version of the transmission giving a 20x20 configuration from the five-speed gearbox or 40x40 with creep, and another that adds three-speed powershift to this package, including creep.

Auto shifting amongst the three powershift steps is standard and so the Stop and Go brake to a standstill feature that saves having to use the clutch pedal for temporary stops – such as when round baling or loader work.

At the other end of the specification scale, TTV versions get a ‘full fat’ continuously variable transmission of SDF Group’s own design, providing seamless speed control between zero and either 40kph or 50kph, plus Automatic, PTO and Manual driving strategies.

The former leaves the tractor to decide how best to deliver the operator’s chosen ground speed by adjusting engine revs and transmission ratio according to load.

Under light load, 40kph can be achieved with less than 1600rpm on the clock, 50kph at around 1800rpm.

Deutz-Fahr’s MaxCom multi-function controller that packs a number of engine, transmission and rear linkage control buttons on to a lever that operates the transmission in manual mode.

Standard operator accommodation is the TopVisionPro cab with a digital instrument panel, optional 12in iMonitor display for touch screen settings adjustments, quick-steer option and integrated guidance.

In this cab, all key controls are concentrated on a seat-mounted ‘satellite’ console with function-assignable buttons and an electronic joystick for loader, front linkage and electric spool valve functions.

Between these two transmission, specification and price extremes is the new ‘powershift concept’ RVshift, a transmission designed to provide the familiarity of a full powershift transmission with some of the characteristics of a CVT.

It does this by giving stepped rather than continuously variable speed adjustment from a simple push-pull controller on the seat-mounted armrest console, and button selection of ‘field’ and ‘road’ speed ranges.

There are 20 steps forward, 16 in reverse, so plenty of scope for finding the most appropriate ratio for different tasks, and operators can shift up and down with individual inputs of the control stick for fine speed adjustment or take advantage of alternatives that deliver faster acceleration.

Holding the joystick forward will take the transmission through as many steps as required; nudging it forward with the ‘consent’ pressed will speed up that process by effectively ‘skipping’ speeds three at a time.

Holding it forward with the consent button pressed will automatically repeat the ratio skipping process to get to the desired speed even faster; and nudging the control stick left when using any of these methods holds the current ground speed.

There are 40kph and 50kph versions and for ultra-low speed operations, a creep function is available as an option that gives infinitely variable speed adjustment up to 5kph.

Cab spec with the novel RVshift transmission is TopVisionPro again, which in addition to its ambient lighting comes with a USB socket and optional portable cool box set into the left-hand fender.