IF you need a machine that can bed cattle in the pen and also feed them forage, then the Hustler Hurricane LX104 is one that does both.

Bedding cattle can be a time-consuming and back-breaking task when executed by hand, therefore mechanising the task can help improve efficiency. Hustler's Hurricane LX104 can be either rear and front mounted, and is a two-in-one feeding and bedding implement designed for maximum versatility.

The machine can feed, or spread out round/square bales of up to one tonne in a simple motion which is aimed at reducing jamming, feed waste and maximising bedding life.

The Hurricane spreads the straw from 7-11m without chopping and this reduces the risk of dust inhalation and dangerous projectiles fired at the animals.

Fuel and power efficient, the Hurricane does the work of two machines with faster feeding and bedding, all made possible by a hydraulically driven innovative belt system, providing higher torque delivery and improved spreading. One single set of hydraulics and a handy in-cab remote is all that is needed to control the machine.

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The Hurricane is self-loading, instantly connecting and disconnecting the integrated tines thanks to its Snaplox hands-free system and an all-new operator-friendly floating mount system, taking less than 10 seconds to switch between feeding and bedding without any tools.

Front mounted machines improve visibility on the job, offering a better manoeuvrability and less risks for staff, animals and equipment. The Hurricane can easily be fitted to all tractors and telehandlers as three point linkage mounts come as standard.

The integrated tines of the machine can be used to perform other handling tasks on the farm without having to unhook the machine every single time it is not in use.

The Hustler Hurricane LX104 weighs 1300kg unladen.