It’s that time of year again when more labour is required to feed cattle and make sure they are comfortable in their winter housing.

Cattle perform better when they are in a relaxed and clean environment with an ample supply of forage at their disposal.

A number of farm machinery manufacturers have used their latest technology to bring new bedding and feeding equipment to the market, to help reduce on-farm labour requirements.

Teagle Tomahawk 8200

New for the 2023 winter season is the Tomahawk 8200 bale processor from Teagle. This new model has been redesigned from the ground up, retaining the reliability and strength qualities the brand is renowned for.

The 8200 series replaces the 7100, 7150, 8100 and 8150 models and comes with a new look as well as new features to improve output and ease of use.

The 8200 is available in two variants for feeding silage and bedding straw, either the mounted 8200M or trailed 8200T models. The 8250 for precision straw processing is also available either mounted 8250M or trailed 8250T.

New technology comes in the form of Synchro Wifi which offers operators a number of control options.

The unique 8250 Dual Chop design for processing short material has been updated with a 40% increase in the cutting speed mechanism, now at over 60,000 scissor chops per minute. This results in a fine and consistent chop length suitable for TMR and cubicle or poultry bedding applications.

The bale chamber can accommodate round bales, either 1 x 2.0m or 2 x 1.5m, with a capacity for full size rectangular bales up to 2.8m long. Bales can be self-loaded and retention is improved with a rigid bale beam at the rear of the tailgate.

Kuhn Aura

The new Kuhn Aura self-propelled, autonomous diet feeder is capable of feeding up to 280 cows. Using GPS and RTK the machine can move autonomously around a farm collecting and feeding out a TMR.

Inbuilt loading and weighing modules calculate the exact mix of forage material including grass and maize, along with any supplements and concentrates required.

The Aura’s 3 cubic metre mixing tank features two vertical augers that require a lower power requirement and feature Kuhn’s K-Nox technology to guarantee a service life of six times longer than steel alternatives. The mixing and chopping speed can be adjusted to create a homogenous TMR with a palatable consistency.

Onboard is a 56hp (42kW) diesel engine that can power the Aura for up to a week of continual loading and feeding, making it a truly autonomous machine.

Standing at 2.6 metres high, 1.9 metres wide and just under 7 metres in length the Aura can move easily around most areas of the farm including feed passages and clamps. It feeds out at a speed of 2km/h on both the left and right using a conveyor and can travel at up to 7km/h.

It also has inbuilt sensors to stop the machine or avoid objects and it can travel on gradients up to 20%.

Shelbourne Reynolds bedders

Three models make up the Shelbourne Reynolds cubicle bedder range, namely the CB100, CB150 and CB300.

Their robust simple design produces a uniform bed quickly and efficiently with minimal operator effort. A wide range of materials can be spread such as sand, sawdust, wood shavings, processed paper, lime and straw, as well as gypsum.

The CB100 bedder has a capacity of 0.6 cubic metres. Its compact design makes it suitable for use in restricted areas suitable for use on a skid steer or mini loader.

The CB 150 bedder has a capacity of 1.2 cubic metres and is suitable for small tractors to handlers. And, the CB 300 bedder has a capacity of 1.45 cubic metres more appropriate for larger farms on telehandlers.

All three models can be mounted onto handlers via brackets, tractor three point linkage brackets or hydraulic three point linkage tipping frame.

Abbey Plus feed wagons

The Abbey Plus feed wagons range in models from VF2450 to VF3050 for faster feeding of larger herds and premium quality of mix.

Larger herds have greater feeding demands, be it more loads per day or larger load capacities so the Abbey models offer extra strength, versatility and a longer working life.

These models come with a 50% thicker auger for extended working periods. They have a wider base coupled with an improved gearbox mounting flange which guarantees better mixing performance with improved support and strength.

For added safety, there is a new horizontal and tilting monitor support, which has been designed to keep operators further away from PTO’s.

Abbey says its new door design delivers an improved flow of material positioning the feed to the centre of the door as it exits the feeder to give a more even and rapid feed-out.

The machines include a safety platform and folding ladder for easier viewing into the mixing chamber and a parallel tubular top retaining ring to reduce any feed waste during mixing.

Hi-Spec T Series

Hi-Spec’s T Series of mixer wagons range in size from 14 to 32 cubic metres, with tandem axles fitted to machines from 27 cubic metres upwards.

Ideal for operators needing high capacity mixes, the T Series is built with heavy-duty 20mm floor and also incorporates vertical reinforcement to the underside of this floor.

The feeder body is made from 8mm high-grade steel and is tapered to allow efficient mixing and also to maximise volume.

Hi-Spec uses Comer gearboxes as standard across its vertical feeder range. A robust PGA planetary reduction gearbox is provided as standard for the auger rotation. The PGA gearboxes possess strong torque characteristics to ensure the mixers cope with chopping and mixing effortlessly. Each gearbox is supplied with an independent oil reservoir.

Hi-Spec has developed a unique Feed Motion for its augers to produce a smooth mixing process. The augers in the T Series are motioning the feed in both a vertical and horizontal movement.

This helps the mix to move in a figure 8 motion to create an even and homogeneous feed. The unique auger design allows any material to be added to the mix. The auger also lifts the ration from the floor, ensuring the feed is in constant motion and thoroughly mixed.

For chopping, the augers are fitted with self-sharpening blades, which are mounted on 15mm support plates for increased strength. The chopping blades are adjustable through three positions for increased or decreased cutting.